DC-X has been released

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Today we’re releasing the new version of our Digital Asset Management software, DC-X. Our partners can download it from our support site, and read the full ChangeLog in our external Wiki.

Here’s a few interesting changes since DC-X

Our e-mail importer has been improved. A nice feature is that, in addition to storing attachments in the appropriate places (e.g., attached image files go into the image pool), DC-X can now store a copy of the full e-mail as an .eml file. This allows you to click the e-mail in DC-X, and the original e-mail will be opened in your native e-mail client (like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail). You can reply to or forward the e-mail from your mail client.

Background: Our customers use the e-mail importer as a lightweight replacement for Microsoft Exchange public folders. All mail sent to a dedicated e-mail address (like “sports@example.com”) is automatically imported into a DC-X channel without wasting space in user’s mailboxes. They can monitor and search these mails in DC-X. But if needed, users now have full access to the original e-mail (the screenshot shows Apple Mail opened by DC-X):

Rights managing their content is becoming more and more important to our customers. DC-X makes it possible to search for rights (i.e., “which documents am I allowed to use on my website”) and you can now edit rights profiles (see DC-X: Managing image rights) directly in the user interface:

And last but not least, users now have the option to receive a prominent alert when a stored search (called an “agent” in DC-X) has found new matching documents:

We will let you know in this space as soon as our demo server is updated to the new version!

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